Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CLOUD CRASH - A New Novel By Phil Edwards

Every day, I'm amazed by the new talent emerging on Kindle.  Here's a novel I believe will prove to be a winner.

CLOUD CRASH: A Cal Stevens Novel

They protect our data. But who protects them?

Recovering from a hangover in his San Francisco loft, journalist Cal Stevens gets a call: data centers across the country are being detonated. These data centers- which hold everything from Facebook accounts to YouTube videos- serve hundreds of millions of users. Their information comprises "the cloud"- and the cloud is crashing.

Cal must protect his employer's data from attack. Led by a cocky boy-CEO, the company runs hospitals, indexes genetic information, and holds the identities of thousands of people. Cal is partnered with the beautiful- and cryptic- Brianna Cowell, a PR professional with her own secrets. Together, they must stop the psychopathic attacker before he hits them first.

In a story that travels from San Francisco to New York, with stops in Napa and Area 51 in between, Cal and Brianna battle a driven and violent opponent who is always one step ahead. Unless Cal and Brianna can decode the puzzle and find the killer's next destination, thousands will die and the world's technological infrastructure will be crippled before they can uncover the surprising source of the attacks.

CLOUD CRASH is a fast paced romp that touches on the biggest issues of our time: privacy, government secrets, and how to recover from a hangover when you're busy saving the world.

Phil Edwards has been running Dumbemployed.com since mid 2009. The explosive growth of the site has kept him Twittering, illustrating, and doing Google searches for his own name ever since. His favorite stories about bad jobs, and favorite stories in general, usually involve children eating things they shouldn't.

He received his Bachelor of the Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in English and History. His office experience includes hours of hiding magazine articles in Excel spreadsheets, taking circuitous routes to avoid office small talk, and replacing cans in the vending machine. He also maintains Fake Science, at fakescience.tumblr.com. His personal site and Twitter can be found at PhilEdwardsInc.com


Vicki said...

Sounds intriguing. Another for my TBR pile... :)

D.B. Henson said...

Hi Vicki,

I think you'll enjoy it.

Congratulations on your success with Brittle Shadows!