Monday, January 31, 2011

UNHOLY ANGELS by Karen Fenech

A while back, I read Karen Fenech's romantic suspense novel, UNHOLY ANGELS. This is a superbly intricate tale of greed, power, and murder. Karen expertly blends well-defined characters and a unique plot into a suspenseful and believable story that will keep you reading into the wee hours of the morning.

Product Description:

Liz Janssen's marriage was over long before she filed for divorce. There was no way her soon-to-be ex-husband committed suicide because of her. Yet that is what her teenage son, Will, believes.

Others in the small West Virginia town share this thinking. Others who are disciples of a homicidal Satanic cult her husband was part of. The disciples want vengeance for the death of one of their own and will use Liz's troubled, grief-stricken son as an instrument for their revenge. To save herself and Will, Liz must stop them - and she must do so without Doug finding out.

Doug McBride is the new town sheriff, the man Liz has fallen in love with, and the man she cannot trust.

Please note: Some content may be disturbing.

Karen Fenech writes contemporary and historical romantic suspense thrillers and suspense-mystery. Her novels have received critical acclaim and have been praised by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Kat Martin, Maureen Child, and Debra Webb. Her novel BETRAYAL has been translated into Japanese, and her short fiction has been translated into Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.

Karen's titles BETRAYAL and GONE, originally released in hardcover by Gale under the Five Star Expressions imprint, are now available for Amazon Kindle and Kindle applications. Her suspense-mystery title, UNHOLY ANGELS, is now also available for Amazon Kindle and Kindle applications.
Karen lives with her husband and daughter. Visit her website at:

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