Friday, July 29, 2011


Author R.E. McDermott has just released his debut thriller on Kindle.


Product Description:

Consultant and very part-time spook Tom Dugan is a happy man until his CIA handler comes calling. With a hijacking investigation pointing to his long-time client and best friend, London ship owner Alex Kairouz, Dugan is guilty by association and forced to go under cover in Alex’s company to clear his own name.

In attempting to prove Alex’s innocence along with his own, Dugan manages to implicate them both more deeply, and when one of Alex’s tankers is found adrift near Singapore with a dead crew, and another explodes in port, Dugan is framed for the attacks.

When Alex is hospitalized, in critical condition after a suspicious suicide attempt, Dugan finds himself almost out of options. Convinced the attacks are prelude to an even more devastating assault, Dugan follows his last remaining lead to Russia, to be shanghaied as an ‘advisor’ to a Russian Spetsnaz unit and find himself sailing into Deadly Straits.

About the author:

Robert E. McDermott grew up on the Gulf Coast. After graduation from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, he worked in positions from ship’s officer to shipping company management, traveling widely, and living and working in a number of countries. He splits his time between the U.S. and Singapore, where he operates a marine consultancy, advising clients on ship construction and operations. Deadly Straits is his first novel.

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Vicki said...

Sounds great. Just one-clicked.

R.E. McDermott said...


Many thanks!

R.E. (Bob) McDermott.

PS. And a delayed thanks to Debbie for her wonderfully generous offer to post my book. My Blogger connection was misbehaving and wouldn't let me post before.

D.B. Henson said...

You're more than welcome, Bob. Congratulations on the release!

Vicki - I know you'll enjoy the book. Thanks for commenting!