Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DEED TO DEATH launch at Mysteries & More

I would like to thank Mary and Greg Bruss, owners of Mysteries & More, for hosting the signing and launch of DEED TO DEATH this past Saturday.

Mary and Greg are two of the nicest people I have ever met, and they instantly made me feel at home.  It's easy to see why Mysteries & More is blessed with a multitude of devoted customers.  Many of these customers attended the signing.  I was shocked to see all the chairs they had put out were filled, and that people were sitting on the floor and standing in the aisles.  The degree of nervousness I felt rose each time the door opened.  But like Mary and Greg, the readers gave me a warm welcome and soon my fears faded.

I was also fortunate to make some wonderful new friends: Jaden Terrell, author of RACING THE DEVIL; Jennie Bentley, author of MORTAR AND MURDER, a bestselling Do-It-Yourself Home Renovation Mystery; and Dana Sieders, aspiring author and cancer researcher at Vanderbilt.

Saturday was definitely a monumental day for me.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to all who were in attendance.

Mysteries & More, located in the heart of Lenox Village at 6965 Sunnywood Drive in Nashville, is the only brick and mortar bookstore in Tennessee dedicated solely to the mystery genre.  To learn more about this wonderful store, visit


Kathy said...

You probably won't remember me but I was there on Saturday and really enjoyed your talk. I'm on chapter 33 of the book and I'm having trouble putting it down. It's so good! Best of luck to you!

D.B. Henson said...

Hi Kathy,

Thanks so much for attending the signing and for your kind words. Your comment means the world to me. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book. Have a great day!

Vicki said...

So pleased it went so well.

I also love the cake. What a wonderful gesture.

D.B. Henson said...

Thanks Vicki!

Dana Sieders said...

I'm so glad I could be there - it was my first author event and I really enjoyed hearing your story and all of the great advice you had to offer on the world of fiction writing and publishing.

I LOVED the book and am looking forward to reading more of your work. Thanks for the props, too, BTW!

Best wishes and happy writing!


D.B. Henson said...

Thanks, Dana. I really enjoyed meeting you. See you at Killer Nashville!